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Karla Gordon

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the summit. Thank you for asking some great questions - many of which I was thinking myself - and to all the speakers and team involved.

I am so happy that I purchased the recordings as I will definitely be re-watching."

Summit Schedule

Each speaker's video is released at 9am (UK time) and is available to watch from the moment it's released until the end of the summit at 10pm on Sun 6th June. So you can watch at a time that's convenient for you.

Day 1 - Monday 31st May

Josephine O. Bampoe

Speech and Language Therapy Development in Ghana

Nicola Lathey

Verbal Dyspraxia or Childhood Apraxia of Speech – a single case study

Baroness Hollins

Wordless books supporting language

Debbie Brace

Baby Talk and Play

Sue Asquith

Language acquisition and challenges

Day 2 - Tuesday 1st June

Jess Gosling

English as an Additional Language -  Teaching Internationally

Vikesh Anand

Stuttering - Inspiring confidence - an adult's perspective

Louise Maggs

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Dr Abi Hackett

Young children's non-verbal meaning making

Jenny Barber

Interactions and language

Day 3 - Wednesday 2nd June

Associate Professor Nerina Scarinci

Family Engagement

Rebecca Skinner and Becky Poulter Jewson

Language and the outdoors

Susannah Thomson

Selective Mutism

Jane Wilson

screening, monitoring & supporting children's speech sound development

Sejal Payne

English as an Additional Language

Day 4 - Thursday 3rd June

Liz Elks

Children at Risk of Developing Speech & Language Difficulties

Professor J. Scott Yaruss

Early Childhood Stuttering - support and advice

Dr Jayne Newbury

What parents / caregivers’ know about early child language development and why it matters.

Suzanne Axelsson

How words shape the way we think

Bryony Rust

Toddler Talk & Child-Led Interactions

Day 5 - Friday 4th June

Hannah Morris

Supporting the emotional needs of children with speech and language difficulties

Debbie Garvey

The Language of Leadership

Kirstie Page

Speech & language - the bedrock for literacy

Dr Rose Drury

exploring young bilingual children’s learning at home & in nursery

Kirsty Cunnington

Parent support with language building & communication

Day 6 - Saturday 5th June

Dr Lakeisha Johnson

Utilising diverse books in an Early Years setting

Sherri Cawn

Communication Disorders and the Profectum Academy

Lauren Bryan

Makaton and Signing

Joanna Grace

Ambitious Sensory Story Sharing

Chris Wade

Supporting parents during tribunals and autism diagnostics

Day 7 - Sunday 6th June

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Over 18 hours of professional development!



  • Access to all the interviews in video and audio format
  • Watch Online or Download the Recordings
  • Free summit Workbook with extra notes on each session
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  • Access to all the interviews in video and audio format
  • Watch online or download the Recordings
  • Free summit Workbook with extra notes on each session
  • Detailed Transcripts of all the interviews from this summit 
  • Access to the exclusive quiz with a downloadable and printable CPD Certificate
  • Lifetime access



  • Access to all the interviews in video and audio format
  • Watch Online or Download the Recordings
  • Free summit Workbook with extra notes on each session
  • Detailed Transcripts of all the interviews from this summit 
  • Lifetime access

David Wright

Owner, Paint Pots Nurseries

"In her Early Years Summits, Kathy Brodie captures the best of current thinking, practice and research from those who not only have something important to contribute to our professional development but also demonstrate a passion to see children's lives improved. I have gained in my knowledge and outlook from every single item I have watched."

Your Host

Your host for the Summit is well known Early Years author and expert, Kathy Brodie.

She’s the author of multiple books on Early Years childcare and is the founder and organiser of the Early Years Summit and Early Years TV – the leading free online CPD resources for Early Years Practitioners and Educators globally.

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The Summit is now over - but you can still buy the recordings to keep and watch forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the expert interviews?

First, you need to register for the summit using any of the free registration buttons or forms.

Then when the summit starts you'll be sent an email every day with a link to a web page where you can watch the summit expert interview videos online.

How long will I have access to the interviews for?

The videos will be live on the site to watch for free until the end of the summit on Sunday June 6th 2021.

If you want to watch the interviews after then you'll need to buy the recordings which will give you lifetime access.

Do I need any special equipment to watch the videos?

The summit interviews can be viewed on any modern computer, tablet or phone.

The main requirement is that you have a fast enough internet connection for the videos to play. If you can watch youtube videos from your device then you should be fine to watch the summit videos too (and they'll be much more useful for you!)

If you buy the recordings you'll get lifetime access to watch the videos and will also be able to download them. You'll need a computer with enough hard disk space if you want to download the videos.

Can I share interviews with my colleagues & friends?

We encourage you to share details of the summit with your friends and colleagues so they can register to get access themselves.

We do ask, however, that you don't share copies of the recordings you buy. Payment entitles you to a copy of the recordings for use by one person only. If you are found in violation of this in any way (including, but not restricted to, intranet) your access to the videos will be terminated immediately, without notice and without refund.

If your colleagues or friends would like a copy of the recordings they'll need to buy themselves. We've made the price of the pass low so that hopefully everyone can afford to get a copy.

Please remember, the Early Years Summit is almost entirely funded by purchases of the recordings. If people share the recordings instead of purchasing them then the summit won't be able to continue.

What if I have problems accessing the videos, my recordings or transcripts - or any other problems with the summit?

Just email us at support@kathybrodie.com and we'll get back to you straight away.

The Summit is now over - but you can still buy the recordings to keep and watch forever.