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Summit Recordings

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2022 Speech, Language and Communication Summit

  • Plays supporting Language Development
  • Neuroscience of Language Development
  • Story Telling
  • The Spoken Voice
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)
  • Linguistic Diversity, Dialect and Heritage Language
  • Multiagency Working to Support Speech & Language
  • Language Learning with Camembear
  • Links between Picture Books, Language & Literacy
  • Language of Maths
  • Profiles of Early Expressive Phonological Skills
  • Cognitive Processing Model for Speech
  • Supporting Multi-lingual Children
  • Play and SLC
  • Stuttering
  • Selective Mutism
  • Baby and Toddler Signing

from £33.33
(approx $55 USD, $75 AUD)

13  Hours of Video

Featuring: Julia Donaldson CBE, Professor Sam Wass, Ben Faulks (aka Mr Bloom), Dr Lucretia Berry, Dana Kabaila, Ms Ashley Jefferson, Dr Pam Enderby OBE, Caroline England, Dr Holly Storkel, Indigo Young, John Doleman & Fran Beard, Judith Torres, Karen Wilding, Dr Lynn Williams, Tera Sumpter, Sheona Gilmour, Georgina Durrant, Kristine Short, Lucy Nathanson, Jennifer Ellison, Tessa Weadman, Leanne Jefferson, Dr Cindy Hovington, and Emma Tunnicliffe.

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2021 Speech, Language and Communication Summit

  • English as an Additional Language
  • Verbal Dyspraxia and Childhood Apraxia
  • Baby Talk and Play
  • Language And The Outdoors
  • How Words Shape The Way We Think
  • Toddler Talk & Child-Led Interactions
  • Utilising Book Diversity
  • Stuttering
  • Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Selective mutism and Non-Verbal Meaning Making
  • Developing Speech & Language Difficulties
  • Supporting the emotional needs
  • Family Engagement and Parent Support
  • Makaton and Signing

from £33.33
(approx $55 USD, $75 AUD)

18  Hours of Video

Featuring: Josephine O. Bampoe, Nicola Lathey, Baroness Hollins, Debbie Brace, Sue Asquith, Jess Gosling, Vikesh Anand, Louise Maggs, Dr Abi Hackett, Jenny Barber, Associate Professor Nerina Scarinci, Susannah Thomson, Jane Wilson, Sejal Payne, Liz Elks, Professor J. Scott Yaruss, Dr Jayne Newbury, Suzanne Axelsson, Bryony Rust, Hannah Morris, Debbie Garvey, Kirstie Page, Dr Rose Drury, Kirsty Cunnington, Dr Lakeisha Johnson, Sherri Cawn, Lauren Bryan, Joanna Grace, Chris Wade, Rebecca Skinner and Becky Poulter Jewson.

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2020 Speech, Language and Communication Summit

  • Typical speech development
  • Environments for communication
  • Practice and Pedagogy
  • Child directed speech
  • Multilingual and dual language learners
  • Music and supporting speech development
  • Literacy, reading and writing progression
  • Makaton
  • Social communication disorders with autism
  • Selective mutism

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

14  Hours of Video

Featuring: June O'Sullivan MBE, Elizabeth Jarman, Dr Lakeisha Johnson, Prof Julian Pine, Greg Bottrill, Fran Paffard, Pennie Brownlee, Maggie Johnson, Sue Fisher, Libby Hill, Nancy Stewart, Julie Cigman, Dr Jessica Pitt, Jean Gross CBE, Di Chilvers, Dr Tanya Richardson, Dr Carla Solvason, Dr Tiffany P Hogan, Karen Nemeth, Justine Woolley and Emma Tunnicliffe, Nicola Lathey and Dr Kelly Burgoyne.

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Literacies Early Years Summit 

  • What type of 'literacies' are there?
  • What do children need to know before phonics?
  • World of Words
  • Musical literacy
  • Mathematical understanding
  • Physical Literacy
  • Emotional and social literacies
  • Literacy, reading and writing progression
  • Early writing skills
  • Holistic links across all literacies

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

11  Hours of Video

Featuring: Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Dr Brynn Welch, Katrice Horsely. Sonia Mainstone-Cotton, Greg Bottrill, Elaine Bennett, Jo Meakin, Molly Potter,  Prof Susan Neuman, Zoe Greenhalgh, Ann Baker, Emma Hutchinson, Dr Lala Manners, Connie Bergstein Dow, Sharon Skade, Sandi Phoenix, Julie Cigman, Alison Featherbe, Tamsin Grimmer and Barbara Schindelhauer.

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Challenge and Risk in the Early Years

  • Encouraging risk taking in cognitive development
  • Supporting parents on the benefits of risky play
  • The 6 types of risky play
  • Seeing risk from the child's perspective
  • Introducing woodworking into an Early Years setting
  • Outdoor environments for exploration and discovery
  • Froebel's view on adventurous play
  • How to help staff implement good risky play activities safely
  • How leaders affect risk taking with their staff in the setting
  • Japanese Early Years settings and their attitudes to risk taking
  • Risky play in the Reggio Emilia environment and pedagogy
  • Benefit/risk assessment and play policies in Early Years settings

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

9 Hours of Video

Featuring: Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Dr Diane Kashin, Rachel Buckler. Dr Mariana Brussoni, Pete Moorhouse, Chanie Wilschanscki, Sandi Phoenix, Julie Mountain, Sid Mohandas, Dr Tim Gill, Prof Ellen Sandseter, Kathryn Solly, Chris Phoenix, Niki Buchan, Helen Little and Helen Tovey.

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Leading Practitioners, Leading Practice 

  • Playfulness and Learning
  • Outstanding childminders environment
  • Self-narratives and practitioner wellbeing
  • The role of networks in supporting practitioners
  • The unique role of the Early Years in safeguarding children
  • Children's wellbeing as a manny/nanny
  • Babies' wellbeing
  • Outdoors Play and Learning

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

10.5 Hours of Video

Featuring: Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Vanessa Dooley, Lisa Stell, Christopher Phoenix, Jamel Campbell, Sarah Fillingham, Lauren Coulter, Rachel Buckler, Ursula Krystek-Walton, Sandi Phoenix, Daniel Butcher, Susan Stacey, Diana Suskind, Jon Rolnik, Tash Treveton, Nicole Halton, Professor Jan White, Claire Foster, Jill Watts, Kim Hunter, Viki Veale and Claire Martin.

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Children's Outdoor Play and Learning

  • Natural Playspaces and Sustainability
  • "Resource Free" Outdoor Play
  • Arts and Outdoor Play
  • Designing Play Spaces that Meet Children's Needs
  • Puddle Play, Mud Kitchens and Spirituality
  • Nature Pedagogy in the UK and around the world
  • Learning from outdoor expeditions
  • Practical Experiences from Timbernook and Cedarsong

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

9.5 Hours of Video

Featuring: Jan White, Michael Follet, Dr Sue Elliott, Natalie Canning, Julie Mountain, Julie Ann White, Angela Hanscom, Juliet Robertson, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, Kathryn Solly, Toni and Robin Christie, Terri Harrison, Claire Warden, Menna Godfrey, Erin Kenny and Liz Edwards

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Physical Development

  • Children's Movement and Outdoor Provision
  • Outdoors and Nature Play
  • Early Childhood Reflexes and Physical Development
  • Healthy Postures for Children and Babies
  • Early Years Obesity and the Effects on Children's Development
  • Toddlers Moving and Learning
  • The Role of Music in Physical Development
  • The Practitioner's Role in Physical Development

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

10 Hours of Video

Featuring: Barbara Isaacs, Rae Pica, Maggie Dent, Sue Palmer, Dr Lala Manners, Jan White, Sue Robb, Kathleen Porter, Helen Battelley, Prof Pat Preedy, Anne O'Connor, Nicola Burke, Steven White, Sharon Skade and Sandi Phoenix

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Children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Well-Being: Strategies for Support

  • Children's Independence and Self-Development
  • Improving PSED through Physical Development
  • Using the Leuven Scales
  • The Vital Role of the "Significant Other"
  • Drop-off and Pick-up Strategies
  • PSED in Birth to Three
  • The "Cups Philosophy" for PSED
  • Neuroscience to Support PSED
  • PSED for Children with Autism

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

Featuring: Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Professor Chris Pascal & Professor Tony Bertram, Jane Evans, Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Julia Manning Morton, Rob Fox, Sandi Phoenix, Michelle Myers, Debi Keyte Hartland, Wendy Baker, Suzanne Axelsson,  Sonia Mainstone-Cotton, Mine Conkbayir and Dr Sue Allingham

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Talking With Children and Quality Interactions

  • Strategic Approaches to Talking with Children
  • Effective Questions and a Supporting Environment
  • Communication and Interaction with Babies
  • Collaboration in Early Years Practice
  • Having Fun with Language
  • Using Language with Pre-School and Reception Age Children
  • Peer Observations to Support Colleagues
  • The Parent's Perspective on Quality Interactions

(approx $38 USD, $55 AUD)

Featuring: Marion Dowling, Penny Tassoni, Laura Henry, Julie Fisher, Ann Clare, Michael Jones, June O'Sullivan, Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Jane Bulkeley, Niki Buchan and Chris Reid

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Summit Transcripts

Downloadable PDFs with detailed transcripts of all the interviews from each summit. We also have printed books available for the Spring 2017 Summit on Children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Well-Being.