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Spring 2017 Summit on Young Children's personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • An overview of the importance of personal, social and emotional development
  • What is children’s self-regulation and why is it becoming so vital
  • How children’s independence can affect their ability to learn

Marion Dowling

  • How anxiety in children manifests itself and the damage this can do
  • Strategies for reducing stress – for both children and staff

Jane Evans

  • What is the High Achieving White Working Class boys research
  • The importance of a ‘significant other’ and how they can drastically improve outcomes for this class of children
  • The implications for our practice

Prof. Chris Pascal & Professor Tony Bertram

  • Why drop-off & pick-up times are so important in a child’s day
  • Supporting your staff and parents during drop offs and pick ups
  • Resources to help communicate the importance of drop offs and pick ups

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

  • How can we support the PSED of children aged birth to three
  • What are the implications if children’s PSED is neglected during this critical age range
  • Strategies to use with the birth to three age range

Julia Manning-Morton

  • What is attachment and what does this mean for the children in our care?
  • Is there a ‘male perspective’ on attachment?

Rob Fox

  • Strategies for supporting children who are transitioning into Year 1 from Reception

Alistair Bryce-Clegg

  • How does behaviour manifest itself in our settings
  • What strategies can we use to help children?

Sandi Phoenix

  • How can autism affect children’s PSED?
  • What strategies can we use to help support children?

"Mrs M"

  • What is pedagogical documentation
  • How can we use this to support PSED
  • Strategies for improving your documentation

Debi Keyte-Hartland

  • Typical behaviours we may see in children with anxiety
  • Things we can do in the classroom to reduce this

Wendy Baker

  • What is the Reggio Emilia approach?
  • How does this vary to other pedagogies?
  • Strategies for using the Reggio Emilia approach for supporting children’s personal, social and emotional development

Suzanne Axelsson

  • Why it is vital for practitioners to ensure their own well-being is being nurtured
  • How mindfulness can help practitioners

Sonya Mainstone-Cotton

  • What do we mean by the term neuroscience
  • How can we use this to support children’s PSED
  • What developments are likely in the future in the field of neuroscience

Mine Conkbayir

  • What are the Leuven Scales and where did they come from
  • How can we use the Scales to improve our practice

Dr Sue Allingham

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