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Pre-Summit Bonus Interview

Sally Goddard Blythe on Improving Personal, Social and Emotional Well-Being Through Physical Development.

Day 1

Marion Dowling on children's Independence and Self-Regulation.

Jane Evans on anxiety and strategies for reducing stress. 

Prof Chris Pascal & Prof Tony Bertram on the vital role of the "significant other" in improving outcomes for children. 

Day 2

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk on drop-offs and pick-ups.

Julia Manning-Morton on personal, social and emotional development in the birth to three age range.

Rob Fox on male practitioner experiences with attachment. 

Day 3

Alistair Bryce-Clegg on transitions from Reception to Year 1.

Sandi Phoenix on supporting behavioural learning and the "Cups Philosophy".

Michelle Myers ("Mrs M") on strategies to support the personal, social and emotional development of children with autism

Day 4

Debi Keyte-Hartland on Pedagogical Documentation and how to use it to support personal, social and emotional development.

Wendy Baker on anxiety behaviours and how to reduce them in the classroom.

Suzanne Axelsson on using the Reggio Emilia approach for supporting children’s personal, social and emotional development.

Day 5

Sonia Mainstone-Cotton on emotional well-being for practitioners.

Mine Conkbayir on new developments in neuroscience and using them to support children's personal, social and emotional development.

Dr Sue Allingham on using the Leuven Scales to improve our practice.

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