SLC Testimonials

Kath Liddell

"Thank you so much for this summit.

I have found them very interesting and have now been given ideas with a little boy I will be working with in September who has Autism."

Kay Wheale

"Thank you, it has been really interesting to learn about lots of different communication and language in Early Years. It has given me a lot to think about and how I can modify my own practice."

Julia Chalkley

"Thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed this week. What an amazing array of speakers you have gathered together."

Tina Docherty

" I cannot thank you enough for an absolutely fantastic Early Years Summit, an awful lot to take in and some great ideas and food for thought..."

Robert Crawford

"I really enjoyed the Early Years Summit. So many great speakers and ideas... Look forward to carry out some of them in practice."

Olga O'Malley

"Thank you Kathy for providing us with such an interesting mix of conversations in this summit. I am catching up with the interviews after purchasing the recordings (glad I did!)...

I’m coming up with lots of ideas of how to promote language development as well as support parents to do the same."

Karla Gordon

"I just wanted to email and say how much I enjoyed the summit.

Thank you for asking some great questions - many of which I was thinking myself - and to all the speakers and team involved.

I am so happy that I purchased the recordings as I will definitely be re-watching."

Linda Borthwick

"I have thoroughly enjoyed these seminars and will be using some of the excellent ideas in our early year setting."

Sue Stirling

"Wow June O'Sullivan and Pennie Brownlee amazing presenters
I am sharing the information with my colleagues and encouraging them to watch them too.
Pennie Brownlee was simply inspirational and challenged me in so many ways. I am so glad I have heard what she had to share
Thank you so very much, I look forward to the rest!"

Bridget Thomson

"Another fabulously informative summit. You really have given us a broad overview with some staggeringly amazing tips and underpinning nuggets on how best to work with our children once we go back into the nursery.

Language and communication is obviously going to be so vital in this work and I thank you for such a well-timed intervention."

Jane Samuels

"Thanks for all the hard work that so clearly has gone into preparing this summit

I signed up and was so excited about being able to listen to all the wealth of expertise and add to my CPD profile."

Laura Mason

"Thank you so much. I watched and took notes from all your speakers it has been very interesting and have learned lots of new strategies and ideas to try out in the nursery I work in. Very much appreciated"

Sylwia Handel

"The Early Years Summit was great. I was buzzing after watching each video, taking notes, checking links, etc. A fantastic source of ideas, information, knowledge, TOP TIPS. I will be sharing it all with my colleagues and the parents."

Áine O'Reilly Doyle

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful Summit and your guest speakers...

I have learnt some new skills and reinforced others. It has enhanced my knowledge and mostly taking on board the point of view from the child themselves and understanding their needs. It was so interesting and I really appreciate the time and effort you put in with your guest speakers."

Ruth Crofts

"Thank you for the Early Years Summit. I’ve been looking for inspiration these past few months and these videos are just that!"

Helen Hamilton

"Thank you so much for organising and facilitating such a fantastic summit. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and learned something from each speaker."

Debbie Bryant

"Thank you for your hard work in coordinating the Early Years Summit. It has been a wonderful learning experience. I have learned lots of valuable information and the links to further resources and research will be invaluable in my future development as a practitioner."

Steph Crichton

"Me and my colleagues found the Early Years Summit videos very informative and useful. We also all commented that you were a fantastic host and remained engaged and enthusiastic. That makes a huge difference when accessing online content. Thank you!"

Corrin Goodman

"I could clap my hands together listening to June O Sullivan!

She culminated by talking about loneliness being there, everywhere and tries to use her nurseries, she has 39 as a hub for the community to bring people together. Very glad I watched this."

Kathleen Foley

"That was the best resource all through lockdown, helped to keep me thinking and planning in a positive way. I could see each of my children in each video I watched, my main interest is language development. Well done on an excellent resource."

Charmaine Simms

"I just wanted to let you know how much myself and my deputy have been enjoying the Summit so far. Pennie Brownlee's talk is still swirling around my brain- she was fascinating. It is immensely useful and inspiring to use this uncertain time to top up on worthwhile and quality training. Many thanks"

Margaret Street

"I am writing to say just how much I am enjoying the Early Years Summit. The sessions are a perfect length to listen to and are very engaging. It is easier to focus in this format rather than at a busy conference where one speaker follows another very quickly and you cannot always hear them. I can also stop and rewind the videos to catch things again...

Thank you too for pricing the transcripts, videos, quiz and certificate at a very reasonable price. This means I can afford to pay for them and not feel so rushed to complete the sessions in a week"

Louisa Wegorzewski

"Thank you so much for the Early Years Summit! I watched so many of the talks and learnt so much. I have been teaching for 16 years, and feel like I have a new spring in my step from all my new learning since ‘lockdown’ and watching your guest speakers."

Alison Bean

"I really enjoyed listening to the speakers and have learnt lots to enable me to improve my setting using this knowledge.

Having listen to quite a few webinars during lockdown I would also like to say how impressed I was with the way you interacted with the speakers. I was grateful that you started with "let's start at the beginning" and explained what it was that the speaker was going to talk about."

Justina Snow

"Can I just say how absolutely inspired I have been by the summit. It has answered so many questions that I've had left unanswered over my 12 years as a teaching assistant... Looking forward to the next summit already. "

Jo Hyde

"It has been such a positive and empowering experience for me, and I am sure for many others... Your delivery of this virtual approach has given me hope that we do have the ability to still have close connections"

Ann Burke

"Thank you so much, very informative, enjoyable videos. Each area was clearly explained. Definitely look forward to next year's Early Years Summit."

Sandra Rodriguez

"I really enjoyed taking part in the Early Years Summit last week. The quality of the speakers and topics treated were brilliant."


"I can honestly say that was one of the best courses I've ever attended. The speakers were passionate and a fountain of knowledge and as an interviewer you [Kathy] were outstanding..."


"I found having you there representing those of us on the ground and knowing the reality of everyday life within a setting just invaluable and a real game-changer because you asked all the questions and more that I myself would have wanted asked.

The fact that it was online really suited me as a working mum, I could watch it at night after I got children to bed. The site was brilliantly laid out and very easy to navigate around. I have bought the recordings as I know they will be invaluable to me..."


"I have taken so much from the summit and look forward to sharing with my colleagues and making changes to our plans for September.

I go forward now more knowledgeable than before, inspired and with great hope. Massive thanks."

Terry Wilkinson

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. The speakers have inspired me and made me want to learn so much more."

Hayley Arnold

"Can I say a big thank you to you for developing and delivering this amazing resource. I think that this is going to be incredibly beneficial to me."


"I would like to say thanks for making all this information so available! I’m finding it so helpful in relation to my setting."


"I really enjoyed watching the videos and thought that they were worthwhile and informative!"


"I really enjoyed the Speech, Language and Communication Summit. The speakers were very interesting and I received great information from the various topics. Much Appreciated"


"Very many thanks for finding a way for the summit to go ahead, speakers were fantastic, particularly the seminar on Selective Mutism, which perfectly described a child we have with us at the moment. "


"Thanks very much Kathy for organising this invaluable programme for all of us. My manager is planning to use many strategies from here and we are already using some of the strategies mentioned during some of the interviews. I am going to be dipping into the information as and when I need it. Also, it would be useful for my further study too."


Di Chilvers

Author And Advisory Consultant

Mathematical Development:

  • Impact Of Language And Talk On Mathematical Development
  • Developing And Extending Language To Support Maths
  • Development Map And Observation Tool Kit 

Julie Cigman

Author And Advisory Consultant

  • Observation Tool Kit 

Julian Pine

Author And Advisory Consultant

Mathematical Development:

  • Impact Of Language And Talk On Mathematical Development
  • Developing And Extending Language To Support Maths
  • Development Map And Observation Tool Kit