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Thanks so much for coming to the Summit – we hope you enjoyed it and found it useful!

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Here's What People Say About the Summit…

“In her Early Years Summits, Kathy Brodie captures the best of current thinking, practice and research from those who not only have something important to contribute to our professional development but also demonstrate a passion to see children's lives improved. I have gained in my knowledge and outlook from every single item I have watched.”

David Wright

Owner, Paint Pots Nurseries

“Another fabulously informative summit. You really have given us a broad overview with some staggeringly amazing tips and underpinning nuggets on how best to work with our children once we go back into the nursery. Language and communication is obviously going to be so vital in this work.”

Bridget Thomson

“I love the Early Years Summit and still follow and interact with some of the speakers from it. I look forward to it every year and recommend it to lots of people ? “

Katie Richardson Beavis

Summit Attendee

“This will be my third summit. I have learnt so much from the talks and it has had a big impact on the children I teach and the support that I can offer parents ?”

Sophie MacInnes

Summit Attendee

“This whole summit and videos are absolutely amazing!! I love Speech & Language… I’ve had years of working in EYFS and worked closely with SLT services, so as you can imagine, this is music to my ears.  I have two huge note books which I am using to make notes in as well as adding all the website info so I can research later on.  I am always a sceptical about ‘free’ things but this has been an absolute revelation.  Amazing!  Thank you so very much for making this available in this way.  I am thrilled with all the content and the amount of knowledge I have gained just through this week!!”

Allison Ellis

Summit Attendee

“Just want to give you a big shout out for your fantastic hard work to bring such experienced professionals to brush up our knowledge to help us to recognise the work we are doing with the children and how  we can improve it further to support the well-being of the children in our care.
I bought the recordings and  I’m throughly enjoying every second of listening to all these lovely people. Best summit ever!! Thank god I didn’t miss out on it. Keep up with the good work!!”

Anjal Ahluwalia

Summit Attendee

“I’ve listened  to some of the speakers, and was very impressed. Thank you for providing such a wide range of insight into the field of language acquisition in young children. A lot of the ideas and practices described build on years of amazing work by early years educators. For years I worked as a nursery teacher with children and families for whom English was an additional language. This summit is invaluable as a learning resource for all: parents, careers and early years professionals.”

Ann Fitton

Summit Attendee

“As a final year speech and language therapy student I am currently working my way through all the fantastic interviews from the Early Years Summit. There is such a wealth of knowledge and expertise available so I wanted to thank you for putting it all together. The Summit has been very useful just before I begin my role as a newly qualified paediatric Speech and Language Therapist.”


Summit Attendee

Or get the recordings of our previous summits including Speech & Language, Literacies, Outdoor Play, Physical Development, PSED and more here...

And don't forget you can get a brilliant free “summit-like” Early Years video over at Early Years TV every week.

Kathy Brodie

Your host for the Summit is well known Early Years author and expert, Kathy Brodie.

She’s the author of multiple books on Early Years childcare and is the founder and organiser of the Early Years Summit and Early Years TV – the leading free online CPD resources for Early Years Practitioners and Educators globally.

Kathy Brodie