Early Years Summit

The 2018 Autumn Summit:
Leading Practitioners, Leading Practice

22nd October to 28th October 2018

The Autumn Summit 2018 has something extra compared to previous Early Years Summits. 

You'll still hear from leading Early Years experts from around the world, such as Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Christopher Phoenix, Jan White, Rachel Buckler and Sandi Phoenix

There's still tons of great advice, thought-provoking discussion and lots of top tips to support your Early Years practice

The extra content is a full programme of leading practitioners from around the world, who are doing exceptional things for their children, from unusual environments to reflective safeguarding practices to children's and practitioner's wellbeing

These outstanding practitioners and educators explain how they have implemented, grown and reflected on their own practice. They offer real life solutions to challenges you may be having right now

Here's a Sneak Peek at just some of the things you'll learn with your Free Ticket to the upcoming Autumn Summit...

  • Outstanding Environments
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    Benefits of being outdoors
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  • Practitioner and educator wellbeing
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  • Children's wellbeing
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    Supporting children in our settings
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Nursery Owner, Canada

This was the easiest, most comfortable, convenient form of education I have ever been involved in! My daughter also participated in the Early Years Summit and introduced this concept to me which I absolutely loved. We have educated and cared for children for over 25 years may I say it was magnificent to meet and hear of others in our field all over the world! Kristal and I have picked up a few ideas from the summit introducing the ideas to our children and families have proved to be most successful and FUN!

Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying the Summit ... I have been introduced to some new things ... and have already looked into training to be an INPP as a direct result of your summit (I did not know about this role beforehand, and seems to be the missing link that I have been looking for all these years)!


Early Years Professional

Your Host

Your host for the Summit is well known Early Years author and expert, Kathy Brodie.

She’s the author of multiple books on Early Years childcare and is the founder and organiser of the Early Years Summit and Early Years TV – the leading free online CPD resources for Early Years Practitioners and Educators globally.

She’s also created a number of online training courses covering Observation Assessment and Planning, Sustained Shared Thinking and Schematic play. 

Samantha Mihajlovic

​Samantha Mihajlovic

Kindergarten Teacher

I just wanted to very quickly pop you an email to say how very much I am enjoying the Early Years Summit! For practitioners like myself who work in settings outside of the UK our opportunities for quality CPD can be very limiting. Having access to such a range of professional experts in the field of Early Years is quite a treat!!

Thank you! The interviews have been thought provoking and inspirational. I will be taking a great deal back to my setting.

Jackie Young

Jackie Young

Early Years Professional & Pre-School Manager

The Summit Broadcast Schedule

Each interview will be posted on the day, as per the schedule below, and then available to watch until the end of the Summit on Sunday 28th October

Alistair Bryce-Clegg 

  • What do we mean by 'Playfulness'
  • How children's learning and playfulness are linked
  • Strategies that you can implement in your environments to increase playfulness

Vanessa Dooley

  • How to make environments that excite and interest children (and adults)
  • Effective - and cost effective - items of provocation
  • Essential elements for an outstanding environment

Lisa Stell

  • How childminders can make the most of their outdoors
  • Ideas for resources and activities for all children
  • Forest school approach ideal for childminders

Christopher Phoenix 

  • Helping 'our story' or self-narratives to be positive and affirming
  • How to change 'our story'
  • Encouraging educators and practitioners to self reflect

Jamel Campbell

  • The ways projects and networks can support practitioner's wellbeing
  • The role of the employer and Jamel's experiences with LEYF
  • Jamel's story book for children

Sarah Fillingham

  • Use of the SSTEW scale to support practitioners, improve practice and help children
  • Range of practical, reflective frameworks to help practitioners
  • Action for Happiness and using neuroscience to inform the future at Portico Nurseries

Sandi Phoenix

  • Phoenix Cups framework
  • Children's wellbeing and some top tips for educators and practitioners

Daniel Butcher

  • The role of a male nanny or Manny
  • Children's wellbeing and how Mannies and nannies can support this
  • Life in Los Angeles with young children

Susan Stacey

  • How practitioners and educators can use the emergent curriculum to support children
  • The role of pedagogical documentation in making learning visible 
  • Top tips and ideas to support children's wellbeing

Tash Treveton and Nicole Halton

  • Supporting the wellbeing of babies
  • 'Planning' for babies and their unique developmental needs
  • Considerations around babies being outdoors

Rachel Buckler

  • The unique role of the Early Years in safeguarding children
  • Updates of safeguarding legislation and procedure
  • Differences between neglect and abuse
  • Working with families and other professionals

Ursula Krystek-Walton

  • Implementing safeguarding policies and procedures, whatever your setting size
  • Methods for improving, updating and reviewing safeguarding
  • Top tips for safeguarding so children really benefit

Professor Jan White

  • The '3 hours outdoors every day' Awareness campaign
  • The physical, biological, psychological and physiological benefits of being outdoors
  • How to access the outdoors, wherever you are in the world, if you are in a city or in the country

Claire Foster

  • The essential learning that can be gained from hills
  • Beyond the gate and working in partnership with parents
  • Top tips for activities and provision outdoors

Jill Watts

  • Importance of full sensory experiences for children
  • Outdoors and sensory integration
  • Top tips for sensory activities

Kim Hunter

  • Learn about the Waldorf School pedagogy
  • Discussion about Kim's film 'Time to Play'
  • Hear about Kim's own experiences of homeschooling 

Viki Veale

  • Outdoor play in a digital age
  • How research projects can improve practice
  • Benefits of a further and continued professional development

Claire Martin

  • Being outdoors in Boston, US
  • Inspiring others to enjoy the outdoors
  • Top tips for outdoors 

Ann Thompson

  • Outdoors and exploring children's schematic thinking
  • Mudhills to mud kitchens-exploring children's schematic thinking  
  • Learn from the resources and environments at Sandfield Natural Play Centre

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